ARTISTS! Add a law power team for less than $40/month

As artists, juggling between the creative side of your business whether that be making music, telling jokes, or designing clothes – sometimes it’s difficult to find the time or the headspace to dive into the business and legal side of things.

It’s understandable and not rare. The most successful business people and artists who have large successful empires do not do everything themselves. At some point, they recognize the value to delegate or contract out aspects of their business.

Essentially, let experts do what they do best so you can focus on what you do best.

Recently The Mob’s Press teamed up with LegalShield – a prepaid legal service that offers ridiculously affordable membership legal packages for personal and business plus ID protection services.

It’s our way of helping artists to easily source and leverage invaluable legal assistance into the framework of their businesses.

C’mon artists, how many times have you:

  • Needed help to review a contract or a proposal
  • Not been paid by a client and required assistance to collect
  • Needed assistance with a CRA audit
  • Had issues with your landlord
  • Needed help to draft a will
  • Wanted to ask questions about out-of-province gigs/opportunities

As an artist, this list could be endless. Wouldn’t it be great to literally have a lawyer on speed dial for less than $40/month?

The most popular package we found was the Family + Business Supplement package for $37.90/month which helps you save time and money, give you peace of mind on complicated matters, and helps you protect yourself, your family and your business offering:

  • Unlimited Consultation
  • Document Reviews
  • Trial Defense
  • Available 24/7
  • Will Preparation
  • Letters & Calls on your behalf
  • Collection Letters
  • Specialty matters and more…

LegalShield also offers Personal ID Protection & Credit Monitoring assisting you with fraud issues, identity theft, online hacking and direct access to your credit score and history. Powerful stuff!

Interested? Visit LegalShield to check out more details. Fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch to answer any questions you may have!

The “artist hustle” doesn’t always have to be hard if you work smart. Be proactive and let LegalShield be a key resource to your business and family legal matters today.

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