Celebrate Black History Month through These Canadian Podcasts

I freakin’ love podcasts’! I have and continue to be an avid listener for the past 12 years.

Comedians for the longest time embrace podcasting. However, over the past 5 years, this new digital medium has had such a huge impact online, ever since celebrities or public figures decided to host their own as a new way to market their brand and to directly connect with their fans.

If you are new to the podcast scene, podcasts are a series of audio files made available online. Podcatchers such as iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, CastBox to name a few, make it easy to subscribe for you to listen at your own leisure. With so many genres of eargasm to choose, it is a great form of entertainment to listen during your weekly commute, to learn from different perspectives and gain ideas. It’s the best way to kill some time while on a road trip (I know it was helpful during my solo trek from Minneapolis to Toronto), or to binge listen and chill. Any topic you’re interested in? You’ll find a podcast dedicated to it.

As the podcast landscape continues to gain popularity in today’s culture, it’s nice to see a rise of black-hosted and black-curated content and I am not only here for it, but TUNED-IN at maximum volume!

When I started podcasting 8 years ago, it was very hard to find black podcasts and nearly impossible to find shows or fellow podcasters who are Black and Canadian.

As we celebrate Black History Month in Canada, I compiled a few shows, in no particular order, that I will be sharing throughout the month of February, of some great Black Canuck hosted/co-hosted or produced podcasts that I currently subscribe, or recently came to my attention.

Prepare for some soulful listening and subscribing. Enjoy!

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About the Author: Sherley Joseph

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