Since the world is in a tough spot, we all need a laugh – The Mob’s Press is pleased to announce an online video festival, to showcase Canadian comedians to the world:

The Great Canadian House Arrest Comedy Fest!

We’re inviting all of Canada to watch from the comfort of your own to build more awareness for all our amazing Canadian comedians.

While everyone is under house-arrest, self-quarantine, and lockdown – Have a laugh on us Canada! From now until the end of April, we will be accepting comedy video submissions for airing during the festival. Beginning April 1st we will drop a number of videos every day on social media. The festival is scheduled to run for the month of April.

FROM APRIL 1st-30th

The Great Canadian House Arrest Comedy Fest is an example of the opportunities that The Mob’s Press strives to create for comedians.

See below other comedy projects in the works.

Red Fedora Comedy


The Mob’s Press is proud to support the efforts of The Canadian Association of Stand-up Comedians (CASC).

Please support Canadian Comedians by donating to the Emergency Relief Fund for Canadian Comedians.

For more information about Canadian Comedy and how you can show your support, please visit canadianstandup.ca