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As an artist, being visible online has never been more important.

If your opportunities cannot find you, you can’t get booked. The Mob’s Press works with a talented group of mobsters ready to help you market and promote your brand online. We create all the assets needed for you to succeed online and convert leads to paid opportunities.

Online promotions are key in this digital era. From social media, customer acquisition and launch campaigns, The Mob can help you boost your next event, project or launch on all platforms to gain maximum visibility.


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Social Media: Campaigns, Launch, Content Deck

Social media is a living entity that needs to be fed consistently with quality posts that will engage and grow your audience. But who has all that time to create, curate, post, schedule, monitor, handle, respond…. The Mob’s Press does! We take the stress out of managing, handling and monitoring your accounts so you can concentrate on being creative, productive and awesome.

The Mob can increase your online visibility and brand awareness using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin and more. We don’t just share content, we create and curate in order to fuel your channels with the right content catered to your audience and their engagement.

Customer Acquisition: Paid Advertising, Contests, Lead Generation

Customer acquisition campaigns can be paid or organic. They have a purpose in pulling in new leads based on content created with a specific goal in mind: more customers now. Through ‘Like, Share & Enter to Win’ campaigns and paid advertising practices, you can significantly boost your followers, likes and achieve your online goals.

Combining the power of social media with a customer acquisition campaign can make the difference between an attended show and a sold-out show. We have Google Certified mobsters who have the experience and knowledge and how to create, run and monitor your campaigns for maximum benefit.


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