5 Steps to Artist Success

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The Mob has a precise strategy to promote artists who are ready to take the next steps to success. We have 5 steps that all artists need to take in order to be successful online.

Step One: Make your online footprint – Website Set-Up

In order to be found online, Google must read your name. And there is no better way to do this with a website. By using your name, brand and industry keywords we can help get your brand ranking better on Google. We build a complete website with site-map, analytics, mailing list, gallery, videos and more.

Step Two: Make people aware – Social Media

We all know social media is important. The Mob knows how to leverage these tools in order to gain more followers, brand awareness, and more traffic. We will create your accounts with content ready to post, engage and gain new followers.

Step Three: Launch yourself – Campaigns

Once we have all your online assets ready to rock and roll, accept payments, grow your list and gain new followers, we can now move onto campaigns – targeting your audience within a specific timeframe and focused towards one short-term goal

Step Four: Get noticed – Advertising

We build campaigns, do you want more eyeballs to notice your brand? Don’t boost your post. Advertising is the way to go. We create targeted ads with captivating visuals to capture the ever-busy digital eye. We can help you sell-out shows, sell comedy albums and more.

Step Five: Get paid – Find Gigs

Our goal is to become your marketing and promotions partner. With your online assets working, your campaigns pulling in leads, and your advertising generating conversions – finding gigs is the last step. Within our network, our clients are always looking for artists. So while we help enhance your brand and the ability for opportunities to find you, we work intensely to generate opportunities for you within our relationship networks.

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