Professionally Master Your Music With LANDR

For the DIY musicians that are looking to adopt better, faster, easier and more affordable ways to professionally produce their music – LANDR may be an option that you should check out!

Simply put – “LANDR is the place to create, master and sell your music.”

LANDR – initially started as an affordable cloud-based music creation platform that provides automated digital mastering. Subsequently, they have added distribution services, a music samples library, virtual studio technology (VSTs) with plug-ins, plus a service marketplace for musicians and online video conferencing.
Think of all the extra time, money, and stress that can be avoided by having one centralized platform that gets you from production to distribution with a mere few keystrokes!

Here’s a quick snapshot of LANDR’s most popular offerings:


There are four mastering packages. The most expensive is only $25/month for an unlimited number of masters. Sound like a pro without paying studio rates!


LANDR can get your music on over 150 platforms and allows you to keep 100% ownership of your masters.


Share your master with friends, musicians and other collaborators using their platform – making the creation and feedback process more seamless.
Plus they offer promotional tools for all the leading streaming platforms, streaming & performance stats dashboards, and a resource hub of information and experts to help you maximize your membership.

So what makes LANDR Distribution different?

  • Get your release to stores in as little as two business days
  • Choose your release date and pause at any time. Continue earning royalties even if you cancel—they will never take your release down.
  • ISRC and UPC codes, promo links and tracking included
  • A dedicated support team that turns your problems into solutions
  • Every month a LANDR artist receives $5,000 in  promotion with our Rising Artist Initiative

We encourage you to take the time and visit LANDR – see if it makes sense for you.

They offer a pretty powerful platform and it’s a smart business decision for your bottom line as a cost-conscious Artistpreneur looking for music production and distribution efficiency.

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